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Our management team has focused on developing a quality Braunvieh cattle herd, and a four season breeding program to synchronize the cows nutritional requirements with the forage available. Currently grazing cattle on 600 acres allows us to give our pastures time to recover when moving cattle to the best grasses at the most optimal time of the year. Whether it be summer grasses, or cool season forages. Since we are able

to move cattle according to the feed sources our cattle remain 80% grass fed throughout the year. 

In order to provide the same quality of beef year-round we have also developed a short term feeding cycle which combines hay grown on our ranch and locally sourced grain ration that keeps the cattle in the best health possible prior to harvest. Every animal that goes into our program is hand selected for harvest based on their DNA, carcass data and performance metrics. 

"We feel that this unique program allows us to provide a consistent product that meets our own personal quality standards and our ultimate goal of providing the consumer with the best tasting beef available." 

-Colby + Phallyn King, Owners of 4Kings Ranch | 4K Beef 



Green grass is not available year-round in Oklahoma. Due to this seasonality we have implemented cool season forages, and developed our feeding program to include grain in order to ensure that our beef is consistent in taste, marbling and palatability year-round. Our cattle are grass-fed throughout the entire of their lives on pastures, homegrown hay, and grain finished for the last 90-100 days on locally-sourced, Non-GMO verified feed sources. 

4 Kings Ranch is your premier choice for Braunvieh genetics in Oklahoma and surrounding states. Also, home to 4K Beef, a local, farm raised, grass fed and grain finished meat.


Our beef is a healthy choice with no antibiotics and no hormones.


We have registered full blood and purebred bulls, heifers and pairs year round ranging from traditional colored to black. From juicy steaks to slow-cooked roasts, our beef will be a delicious, healthy protein source!

    GrassFed and Grain finished      




The history of 4 Kings Ranch started in 2013 when we bought a large parcel of land in the bottoms of Webbers Falls, Oklahoma.  Having grown up around cattle and developing a love for the animals as a youngster made the decision to start ranching simple.  The challenge however was what breed to choose.  We knew that commercial was not the route we wanted to go, because of the sheer numbers needed to be profitable.  Also, that we had grown tired of the black hyde or nothing narrative. That's when numerous hours of research on different breeds brought us to the Braunvieh cattle.  The plan at first was to A.I. our black Angus cattle to braunvieh bulls.  Before those calves could be born we had begun buying braunvieh females from various consignment sales.  The thought process was to breed high quality seedstock and grow at a sustainable pace to maintain the quality we desired. We didn't own a bull for the first 3 years, but used artificial insemination as a way to high grade our herd at minimal cost.  As the herd grew and we began producing quality offspring we needed to find a way to promote our stock.  That is when we began sending bulls to Grow Safe Test facilities to measure daily gains and feed efficiency.  This enabled us to prove to customers that we had quality animals and remove the subjective opinions with science.  This coupled with DNA propelled us to the point that we knew we had a superior product.  The opportunity arose to import a large group of heifers from Canada.  The genetics are from some of the first animals imported from Switzerland to North America.  This amazing opportunity will guide 4 Kings Ranch for many years into the future.  The Braunvieh breed is a remarkable adaptable creature able to survive in high mountain altitudes to the plains of South Africa, the jungles and swamps of South America, and everything in between.  They posses unrivaled maternal qualities, fertility, and carcass traits.  Their exceptional outcross abilities shine when producers see the hybrid vigor braunvieh bulls bring to commercial herds.  More pounds, more fertility, more live births and more money.  What can Braunvieh do for you.







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Webbers Falls, OK 74470

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